The birth of a child is one of the most important events in the life of any person. Of course, on this day it is customary to give gifts, «washing heels» and in every possible way to rejoice. But how to keep the memory of this moment, in addition to photos? That's right — with the help of metrics! It is in it that the date, height, weight, time of birth of the baby are indicated. Then why not do it gracefully and elegantly by ordering a laser cut plywood metric? Now we will tell you why this choice is made by thousands of people around the world.

Layouts 12/25/2019

Address plates and door numbers

If the theater begins with a hanger, the house — with the front door. Even better, when the building has a beautiful sign with the address, allowing you to easily find it. And now imagine that all this you can order according to individual design. How? Very simple! Take advantage of our laser cutting layouts to create a truly exclusive product.

Layouts 12/24/2019

Hangers and shoulders made of plywood.

Proper storage of clothing involves the use of hangers and shoulders, so that the wardrobe does not crumple, had a presentable appearance. This avoids cluttering rooms when trousers and shirts are hung on chairs or armchairs. Anyway, laser cutting layouts allow you to create individual products made of plywood, strikingly different from the factory plastic options. What options can be found?

Layouts 12/23/2019

Crests and scallops made of plywood

The use of combs in everyday life has its roots in ancient times. People made these personal care items from a variety of materials, including animal and fish bones, wood, corals, and more. In the XX century, the most common options were made of plastic. Now more and more importance is attached to the naturalness of the surrounding human things, and therefore combs and combs were made of plywood. Using models for laser cutting, each person can model an individual product that is suitable in design for him.

Layouts 11/29/2019

Caskets and pencil cases made of plywood

Various kinds of caskets' and chests surround human life throughout its history. Since ancient times, people keep valuable things for themselves or just useful little things in them. The presence of these items in the interior is considered a sign of thrift and financial prosperity. Using layouts for laser cutting, you can create a product with an individual design.

Layouts 11/28/2019

Key chains with the state numbers

Car ownership has long ceased to be solely the possession of a vehicle. Now it is a confirmation of social status, and a comfortable personal space, and for many drivings is just a lifestyle. Paying attention to details means confirming your image and respectability. Key chains made of plywood for the keys to the car will be a great decision for many motorists. But what is the special charm? Now explain in greater detail.

Layouts 9/17/2019

Name rulers from plywood

Run out of ideas, what to give the child to the beginning of the school year or to its end? We believe that the best option would be a nominal line, created using laser cutting technology. The combination with the measuring scale of various inscriptions and images, including-the name or surname of the student, a variety of drawings with flowers and animals, as well as other symbols, allows not only to use the measuring tool for its intended purpose, but also gives it a special personality. Let's look at the advantages of such products in more detail.

Layouts 9/17/2019

Suspensions and Christmas decorations

Every New Year people decorate the Christmas tree with all sorts of ornaments. While someone has a real Christmas tree, others prefer an artificial one. Anyway, the main task is to decorate a festive tree as interesting and colorful as possible. Many people are already accustomed to the classic versions - balls, glass cones, star, and want to make innovations. And there is a way! Christmas decorations made of plywood can be a non-standard solution that fully meets the spirit of the holiday!

Layouts 9/17/2019


The use of toppers has gained high popularity around the world. Drawings for laser cut files allow you to create a variety of inscriptions and figures of plywood. The high accuracy of the equipment determines the elaboration of the smallest details. Let's look at the scope of toppers in more detail.

Layouts 9/17/2019

Beautiful design of the words

Using models for laser cutting, you can create a variety of volumetric products, undoubtedly useful in professional activities or everyday life. The words of the plywood are one such product. You can make absolutely any inscription, for example, in the interests of design solutions, as well as for other purposes. Let's look at all this in more detail.

Layouts 9/17/2019