Beautiful design of the words

Voluminous words

Using models for laser cutting, you can create a variety of volumetric products, undoubtedly useful in professional activities or everyday life. The words of the plywood are one such product. You can make absolutely any inscription, for example, in the interests of design solutions, as well as for other purposes. Let's look at all this in more detail.


Varieties of volume words

Modern laser cutting makes it possible to make absolutely any inscription. First, we recall that the following options can be used as materials:

  • Plexiglas;
  • Styrofoam;
  • the most popular products are made of birch plywood.


What can be depicted?

In principle, absolutely any word. It can be:

  • names or surnames, for example «Nicholas», « Vera»;
  • reflection of emotions-Love, Happiness, Loyalty;
  • names of memorable events, of objects, for example — the name of the warship, which once held military service people;
  • words with hashtags for photos and more.

As you can see, the flight of imagination is not limited to anything, the very essence of the inscription can be realized by anyone.


When useful?

Examples when products from birch plywood a great set can be involved. So, one of the regular customers are interior designers. In many modern design trends are actively used small decorative elements, including-inscriptions. It is interesting that you can create an interior word not only in Russian, but also in a foreign language. If you take the teachings of «feng shui», then, for example, the words in Korean in the interior of an apartment or a country house will be very useful.

3D visualization of the finished product contributes to a more subtle preparation of the finished product. This is well-known to photographers who very often use words for photo shoots in their practice. Yes, you probably often saw on the pictures of your friends or acquaintances in social networks special hashtags or other inscriptions caught in the frame. That's exactly what we're talking about.


Products with individual design are ideal as a gift or souvenir. That is why, the products are often used in the organization of all kinds of celebrations-weddings, anniversaries, and even corporate events. The same holiday agencies often use them. If we are talking about the trade of Souvenirs, the name of the city or other attractions are also in use.

Anyway, there are a lot of variants of application of products. Interested organizations engaged in laser cutting, always have the opportunity to download a file in CDR format to get a ready layout for their work.


What are the advantages?

In conclusion, let's name a few basic advantages that demonstrate the texts of plywood:

  • the material has sufficient strength;
  • individual design;
  • the uniqueness of each product-just for the needs of the client;
  • ability to paint plywood to your taste;
  • good speed of production;
  • relatively low cost.

Interior decoration, the work of the photographer, the device of the holiday-in all these situations, words from plywood can be useful, you just need to correctly determine their role.