Plywood toppers

The use of toppers has gained high popularity around the world. Drawings for laser cut files allow you to create a variety of inscriptions and figures of plywood. The high accuracy of the equipment determines the elaboration of the smallest details. Let's look at the scope of toppers in more detail.


Use and types

Using laser cut svg allows to make a variety of images, including:

  • Wedding
  • Congratulations on different holidays
  • Stylized figures depicting, for example, the bride and groom
  • Inscriptions "Happy birthday" or "Happy anniversary"
  • Images of animals, fairy-tale characters
  • Numbers, usually the number of years of the birthday person
  • Emojis, caricatures and more


It is necessary to distinguish two types of so-called "inedible" toppers: on a skewer and without it. The first are most often used in cooking: to decorate cakes, cupcakes, fruit sets, and cocktails. These products of birch plywood will be useful for florists - when creating flower bouquets or compositions. The second type of toppers (without skewers) is used by craftsmen, for example, fans of scrapbooking, making books, albums, photo frames and other small items.


Who can benefit from these products with individual design? Based on the above, it is obvious that toppers will be useful for confectioners, professional holiday planners, for parents who want to arrange a fun birthday for their child, for florists, bartenders. Let's not forget that the topper for a photo shoot will be a great decoration for each shot. In realization of the ideas these plywood products are often used by interior designers.

Advantages of toppers

So, as you can see, using laser cut dxf, you can create a variety of options. Consider the most important advantages of plywood toppers for which end consumers value them so much:

  • Multifunctionality and repeated use. For example, products with numbers can be fully involved in decorating the interior, inscriptions can be used as bookmarks for books, and tiny figures will be useful for any other holidays.
  • Wide range. Laser cut vector is an ideal tool to create a festive decoration of any type, shape and size. You just need to adjust the pattern.
  • Long service life. Products can be stored for a long time, they are strong enough.

One more important thing to note is that plywood is a fairly light material, and therefore a bouquet, a cupcake or a cake is not threatened that the topper will somehow damage them, for example, by falling. Service for the creation of laser cut pattern enables entrepreneurs to significantly expand the range of its products.