Suspensions and Christmas decorations

Every New Year people decorate the Christmas tree with all sorts of ornaments. While someone has a real Christmas tree, others prefer an artificial one. Anyway, the main task is to decorate a festive tree as interesting and colorful as possible. Many people are already accustomed to the classic versions - balls, glass cones, star, and want to make innovations. And there is a way! Christmas decorations made of plywood can be a non-standard solution that fully meets the spirit of the holiday!

Christmas tree decorations - what options are there?

Using the laser cut model, you can create a large number of Christmas decorations for the New Year and Christmas. In particular, each product can be inscribed. Usually, these are names, both single and pair, for example, Olga, Vanya, Kirill and Masha, Kostya, Leva and so on. People can also model the shape of products:

  • piggy
  • snowflake
  • Christmas tree
  • photo frame
  • heart
  • star and others


Such a variety of suspensions of plywood allows you to decorate the Christmas tree unusual and tasteful. These decorations are not only attractive, they also reflect the personality, because the names of people will be put on them. This may be the names of a couple, children, relatives or guests who will come to the holiday. You will agree that this is quite unusual!


Use cases

Of course, the most obvious use case is as a toy for the Christmas tree for the New Year or Christmas. However, products can also act in a different capacity. In particular, each toy itself can be used to entertain children all year round. Another option is a gift for a loved one. It may also act as a souvenir for tourists or guests who came from afar.


Plywood products have a number of advantages which cause their high demand as a gift or a souvenir. Let us consider their advantages in more detail.

Why do people choose plywood products?

Among the positive aspects of Christmas tree decorations made of plywood are the following:

  • pleasant to touch;
  • no toxic substances;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • develops a sense of beauty, aesthetically pleasing;
  • strong enough.

Thus, toys will be interesting not only for adults when they decide to dress up the Christmas tree, but even the youngest children who can play with them at any time. In addition, the durability of products causes the fact that they can be stored for a long time, if they were received as a gift or souvenir.


Try out laser cut cdr to create your own version of Christmas tree decorations! Set the inscription, shape and additional decorations, and then consider the resulting 3D-model!