Name rulers from plywood

Name rulers.

Run out of ideas, what to give the child to the beginning of the school year or to its end? We believe that the best option would be a nominal line, created using laser cutting technology. The combination with the measuring scale of various inscriptions and images, including-the name or surname of the student, a variety of drawings with flowers and animals, as well as other symbols, allows not only to use the measuring tool for its intended purpose, but also gives it a special personality. Let's look at the advantages of such products in more detail.


When can be useful?

Products with individual design can be used as gifts to students from the teacher, school management or the parent Committee. Teachers of additional education, various circles and sections, also should not stay away, because our branded products made of birch plywood will also be useful for their wards. In addition, such stationery can be fully used as prizes at various Olympiads, competitions and competitions.



Models for laser cutting allow you to make a ruler with a variety of inscriptions and drawings, including: with the names of students and class number, for example, «Nicholas, 2-A»; with parting words, wishes and congratulatory text; with the name of the educational institution, section or creative circle.

We want to draw your attention that laser cutting allows not only to make adjustments to a certain template, making inscriptions and drawings, but also to change the shape of the ruler itself. So, in addition to the traditional version, when only the internal structure of a rectangular product changes, you can also experiment with the shape of the tool, for example, making it in the form of a stylized figure. If desired, you can order the production of a stencil with geometric shapes, for example, with a circle, square, triangle, which is useful in drawing lessons or ART classes.


Advantages of name lines.

One of the main advantages of these products is uniqueness and individuality. And how else, if you use layouts for the laser machine, allowing you to apply any original inscription or pattern on the measuring tool?

Note and other positive characteristics:

  • its ruler is difficult to confuse with the analogue of the classmate, because each of them is special;
  • dense structure provides sufficient strength;
  • the surface is smooth and pleasant to the skin of the hands;
  • due to its compact size, it is easy to put in a pencil case or backpack;
  • children have the opportunity to paint the wooden surface themselves to add even more personality.

Among other things, it should be noted and relatively low cost of products.