Key chains with the state numbers

Car ownership has long ceased to be solely the possession of a vehicle. Now it is a confirmation of social status, and a comfortable personal space, and for many drivings is just a lifestyle. Paying attention to details means confirming your image and respectability. Key chains made of plywood for the keys to the car will be a great decision for many motorists. But what is the special charm? Now explain in greater detail.


Whom will come in handy key chains with the state numbers?

«Why do you need such a souvenir for the driver?», some will ask. The answer is simple enough. Each vehicle has its own unique number, which will easily become a reflection of the individuality of the driver. Another important point — if you lose the keys, they will be easy to find, indicating in the announcement of the car number. However, in addition to the purely practical side of the issue, the main thing still remains the image moment.


So, logos of cars on key rings show that the person is the owner of the car of this or that class. Laser cutting capabilities allow you to apply branded images of any brand of car: BMW, Audi, Mazda, Toyota, Lexus and any other. Agree that playing such a key chain in the presence of a lady or a business partner will make a much more impressive impression. For commercial organizations, such a gift for the motorist will also be very interesting. Here is a small list of companies that may be interested in wholesale purchases of such products:

  • advertising agency
  • car dealer
  • souvenir firms
  • car services and others

Many now use metal key chains, which can already be considered a bad taste. Why? Here's the explanation.

The advantages of key fobs made of plywood

First, car emblems made of wood look more noble than their metal counterparts. Immediately it becomes obvious that this piece, painstaking and brightly individual work. Among other advantages of products:

  • acceptable cost
  • material strength
  • ability to apply paint
  • preparation of shapes, inscriptions and images of any shapes and complexity.

At the same time, the miniature format of the key chain is preserved, the key chain does not become more cumbersome, it is easy to put it in a pocket or purse.

An important point is that when applying the state registration number of the car on the key chain, a strong impression of individual work is created, because each number is unique. I must say that it is so.

It does not matter whether the motorist buys such a key chain for himself or receives as a gift as a souvenir, the main thing will be the feeling of uniqueness of the purchased goods. Still, because it will show off the number of your car or the logo of its brand. Having started cooperation with the service for creating layouts for laser cutting, interested companies will be able to significantly expand their own range and attract a new wide consumer audience.