Service for creating layouts for laser cutting

If you are interested in this question: "Where can I download drawings and layouts for a laser machine?", looking for convenient laser cutting templates to quickly create customized products from plywood, veneer, cardboard, acrylic or other materials. If you need high-quality collections of vector files in AI, CDR, PNG, SVG, DXF formats, then our service will certainly be useful to you.

In addition to cutting for laser machines, we also provide the possibility of 3D visualization of products. You will be able to see how the layout will look or demonstrate the product to your client before it is manufactured on laser equipment.


We develop a service to create layouts for the laser machine in order to free you or your designers from routine work, you can quickly create a variety of individual products using our designer, for this purpose at your disposal there are a number of templates.

You will be able to create:

  • rulers;
  • shoulders;
  • coats of arms and monograms;
  • interior words;
  • combs and combs;
  • pencil case;
  • medallions;
  • metrics;
  • car key chains;
  • boxes;
  • toppers and others.

This is not a complete list, we will add new layouts of different products.


Even though you will use templates when creating layouts for cutting plywood, your products will remain individual and unique thanks to the wide possibilities for personalization. In addition to replacing the names in the layouts, you will be able to choose different fonts, change and distort the text, add different graphic elements and use the extensive database with vector patterns.

We also have free layouts for laser cutting, so you can now use our service to create several products to your taste and download vector drawings for your laser machine.