Caskets and pencil cases made of plywood

Various kinds of caskets' and chests surround human life throughout its history. Since ancient times, people keep valuable things for themselves or just useful little things in them. The presence of these items in the interior is considered a sign of thrift and financial prosperity. Using layouts for laser cutting, you can create a product with an individual design.

When will the caskets come in handy?

The scope of their application is quite extensive, and functional tasks can be several. First, inside the products you can store both valuables and trinkets. Secondly, boxes are perfect as packaging for a gift or souvenir. Finally, they are often used by designers to decorate the premises and form a unique style in the apartment, house or office.

What can be stored inside these caskets'? There are a lot of popular options:

  • money
  • jewelry (rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces)
  • tobacco products, such as cigars
  • elite alcohol
  • condiment
  • sewing accessories, same thread
  • photos and more-anything that gets cleaned up inside.


Let's not forget about the students-school pencil cases made of plywood look very stylish and interesting, fully fulfilling its main purpose. Given the possibility of laser cutting, the casket can be applied to any inscription, such as greetings, name or something else, as well as apply the appropriate ornament, shape and so on. For example, you can put a twisted inscription: «Dennis from Timothy» or anything else.

Who's the offer for?

By and large, to buy such an individual product can absolutely anyone, based on their needs. Of course, the best caskets and pencil cases are suitable as personal gifts. So, individuals will be able to create their own original layout to please relatives, friends or colleagues.

If we talk about corporate customers, they will also be interested in these products. On the body or lid of the casket's, you can put the logo or name of the company, paint it in brands colors. Products are perfect as a gift to partners or employees, will be able to emphasize the style of the company, will indicate the refined taste of the user.


Advantages of plywood products

The most important advantage is the ability to use laser cutting layouts to create a completely original, unique and individual design. Wood is very well processed, allowing you to take into account even the smallest details. Among other advantages of products:

  • Environmental friendliness and safety of material for human health
  • Lightweight of finished casket
  • You can apply a picture, print or other image
  • Sufficiently stout
  • Long service life
  • The most important thing is stylish and beautiful caskets.


Wood and plywood products have always been distinguished by aesthetic appeal, emphasizing the good taste and style of the owner. I must say that now the presence of caskets' in the home or office-a sign of respectability and serious image.

Summing up, let's say that you will be able to buy not just a template product, but an individual product, which is very appreciated in modern society.