Crests and scallops made of plywood

The use of combs in everyday life has its roots in ancient times. People made these personal care items from a variety of materials, including animal and fish bones, wood, corals, and more. In the XX century, the most common options were made of plastic. Now more and more importance is attached to the naturalness of the surrounding human things, and therefore combs and combs were made of plywood. Using models for laser cutting, each person can model an individual product that is suitable in design for him.


When will comb and combs come in handy?

If we talk about functionality, then everything is clear. Combing the hair, as well as putting the beard in order-these are the two main purposes. These items are in use almost every person, and therefore they are a universal gift for adults and children. Thus, combs made of plywood can be used as:

  • souvenir's
  • gift for loved ones and friends
  • for interior decoration
  • as a stylish accessory.

Possession of such a product will give a person a certain charm and create the image of a person who looks after himself.

Product features

Using layouts for the laser machine, you can create absolutely unique items. In particular, it is possible to apply inscriptions and images, for example-the name, logo and other drawings. The most popular variants of graphic elements:

  • machines
  • butterflies
  • crowns and so on.

You will never confuse your comb with another, because it will be different exclusive design. Thus, it will be difficult to lose it at a party or at another meeting. Among options there are combs with rare and frequent teeth, with broad and narrow. Thus, the products are suitable for a variety of hair types, including oily, thick and straight, thin, curly and curly. You only need to determine in advance the option that is right for you, and then use the template for laser cutting. To deal with this will be able to any person, as the interface is equipped with tips and quite understandable controls.


The advantages of hairbrushes and made of plywood

The material of manufacture has a number of advantages that play an important role:

  • Hair will not be electrified
  • Detailed processing prevents hair from tangles and clutches
  • Goods are enough durable
  • Can be as decoration.

Of course, the most important advantage of such products is their pleasant appearance. They are made of natural material, which not only looks great, but also pleasant to touch. Careful processing of each product allows you to achieve the highest results in terms of quality.


It is well known that some fashionistas use a comb to create some complex hairstyles by «integrating» it into the hair. This can be done with products made of plywood, and they are perfect for this. Beard combs can be conveniently carried in a breast pocket or purse, they are compact and stylish look. Thus, they will suit absolutely everyone - just create a layout for yourself.