Hangers and shoulders made of plywood.

Proper storage of clothing involves the use of hangers and shoulders, so that the wardrobe does not crumple, had a presentable appearance. This avoids cluttering rooms when trousers and shirts are hung on chairs or armchairs. Anyway, laser cutting layouts allow you to create individual products made of plywood, strikingly different from the factory plastic options. What options can be found?

Types of hangers made of plywood.

Among the variety of models you can find both children's hangers and products for adults. Hangers are used to store shirts, jackets, jackets, dresses and other items of every day and ceremonial wardrobe. There are also special hangers for trousers, jeans and other pants. But the most important thing that distinguishes this product is a special approach to design. The most common variant of inscriptions are names, both diminutive and full:

  • Denis
  • Igor
  • Alice
  • Diana
  • Marina
  • Dmitri and many others.

As decorative elements are a variety of patterns and shapes: crowns, bunnies, swans, hearts and other graphic variations. A separate type of hangers are special models for newlyweds, for example, with the words «Groom» or «Bride». Thus, you can find hangers absolutely for every taste, which will serve for a very long time.


Usage a coat hangers' out of plywood.

It goes without saying that the main purpose of these items-storage of clothing. They can be placed in a special Cabinet or chiffon, and use for hanging street clothes in the hallway. We have already mentioned the options for the bride and groom, which will look very beautiful at the Banquet. Using templates for laser cutting, you can create unique options for your needs — for example, for the working team, hanging name hangers in the office wardrobe.


Another purpose of personalized products is a gift or souvenir. It will be very nice if the birthday boy or the hero of the day will receive a surprise for his holiday in the form of beautiful, interesting and exclusive hangers. It's no secret that getting practical gifts is not only pleasant, but also profitable. If you want to please a loved one, and the stock of ideas for a gift has dried up, then why not try to make a layout yourself, using simple functionality on the site, and then give the original product?


Product advantages.

In addition to the fact that shoulders and hangers made of plywood look aesthetically very attractive, these products have a number of other advantages. Here are the main ones:

  • These are unique items that only you can have.
  • Plywood-environmentally friendly material that does not harm the environment, does not emit harmful substances.
  • Due to the high strength, the product is able to serve for a very long time.
  • The excellent precision of laser cutting will ensure you get the design of even the smallest detail.
  • Products are smooth and pleasant to the touch, without causing any allergic reactions.

So, if you want to add variety to your wardrobe by buying a new dress or a suit, then why not order laser cutting hangers, which would be perfect a new piece of clothing and for your tastes personally?