The birth of a child is one of the most important events in the life of any person. Of course, on this day it is customary to give gifts, «washing heels» and in every possible way to rejoice. But how to keep the memory of this moment, in addition to photos? That's right — with the help of metrics! It is in it that the date, height, weight, time of birth of the baby are indicated. Then why not do it gracefully and elegantly by ordering a laser cut plywood metric? Now we will tell you why this choice is made by thousands of people around the world.



First, we should immediately talk about the design. Yes, metrics in maternity hospitals are now somewhat more presentable than before, although they are still too small. They are easy to lose or damage. Besides, they differ in monotony-a state thing after all. But every parent wants his child (and everything connected with it) to be unique. And we are ready to help!

Use the original layouts for the laser cutter to create a bespoke piece just for yourself! You can choose from a variety of beautiful options, including:

  • With names (Dmitri, Katrina, George, Daniel and so on).
  • With decorative elements, like a crown, a heart.
  • Depicting animals symbolizing the year of birth on the Eastern calendar — with a pig, a tiger, a Cockerel and others.

Laser cutting allows you to apply inscriptions and create figures of the highest quality and accuracy.


Advantages of plywood metrics.

In addition to the fact that this is a unique product, made exclusively for your order, the material itself (plywood) has a number of excellent performance. In particular, the following advantages can be noted:

  • Full environmental friendliness.
  • Safety for human health-no harmful fumes or discharge.
  • Good strength performance.
  • Can be painted in any color with stable paints.
  • Smooth and pleasant to the touch — you can even give a child to play (under the supervision of adults).
  • Low cost of finished goods. met4.jpg

The products have an exceptionally pleasant appearance. They look stylish. Finally, subject to the elementary rules of storage, plywood metric will serve you for a very long time, and you can show it not only to your grown child, but even grandchildren! And what can be more important than memory, continuity of generations and warm family traditions?

What to give for childbirth? The metric!

Our offer will be interesting not only directly to parents waiting for replenishment in a family. Use models for the laser machine, if your friends or acquaintances are scheduled to give birth to a child. After all, very often people just do not know what to give in such cases. Do something original-give the metric!


It remains only to learn from happy dad and mom some nuances (time of birth, weight, height and at least the sex of the child), which is usually very simple to do — they will tell you at the first opportunity, and then make the data in the layout of the laser cutting. Production will take some time, but you will have at hand a memorable and very pleasant gift for your loved ones. Believe me, this souvenir just really like everyone!